Season 1 Best Of Gerstetten


Back to Gerstetten, where it all started, in 2011, for the musicians of the Trina Orchestra. And for this fourth meeting, they offer us the release concert of the Trina CD! Ah, it’s true that we hadn’t told you yet, but from these first three episodes, a CD was born that brings together the best songs recorded “live” during each of the concerts!

Their challenge this time? To present this concert after only one day of rehearsal! Is this CD the happy event, the denouement of the adventure? Are we witnessing the preface of a new history of the Trina orchestra? It is difficult to answer, but one thing is certain: the organizers see in this fourth meeting a link between these young Europeans united around a musical project!

But… I hear that what could be a first episode of chapter 2 is being written in Gerstetten… So be curious and follow them in this Trina 4ever!