Day 8 – Day off #2

19:00 it's time! All started with a long Hungarian speech during which we made tattoos of Trina. Then the strings opened the concert, and they created the right atmosphere. At the end, we even danced in the front of a stage. After the break, it was our turn, the winds. We were concentrated and stressed. We began with the most difficult pieces. Step by step we lost the concentration which made way for fun. We were like animals! Good memories... Saturday morning, we are in Budapest. We visit on the boat, we walk in the city and we eat specialities, the csirkepaprikás. Yum yum yum

Day 7 – CONCERT!

Like every concert day this one also started later in the morning with a decent amount of excitement. We, with the strings were on the stage for our dress rehearsal at 9.30. I must say, we sounded beyond expectation. After the winds arrived (and waited for us for like an hour 😅) we played our big tutti piecies (top secret). Now we are having lunch, “mashed potatoes with noodles” and a not so hungarian carbonara. The winds will start soon and we will get this year’s Trina concert t-shirt, so we can be pretty in the night. A little break after it to relax and we will start the concert, can’t wait! Kata - double bass

Day 6 – Outside music

Today, no rehearsal! We had a free time to relax, eventhough we had to wake up early. Indeed, we had some road to do, direction lake! The weather was globally not as warm as we expected but a little swim was still welcome! We spent our morning at the Brunswick castle in Martonvásár. Where we've seen the Beethoven museum, then we could play volleyball, badminton, football or take a nap. After that, it was time for lunch in the restaurant of the park. Then we spent the afternoon at the Velencei lake to chill out and relax before the concert. Time to go back to Pilisvörösvár, where a jazz band was playing outside and we could finally taste the traditionnal Goulasch ! Gabriel percussionist player

Day 5 – Under pressure

After a frenetic night of dancing with a group of traditional Hungarian musicians whose virtuosity is more than impressive, this morning we had a lot of tutti rehearsals. The rehearsals were very intense, with a lot of concentration and, above all, a lot of jokes! At the end of the day, we organized the French evening, which is already shaping up to be incredible! Lea, violinist

Day 4 – Hosting Trina

Yesterday, at the German Party, there were many different stations, where everyone could get to know German culture better, e.g. milking or guessing swabian words. To end the evening the Germans played Polkas and everyone ate pretzels. The next morning we continued with register rehearsals, while the jazz band rehearsed the piece that was specially arranged for Trina. After that, everyone met for the tutti rehearsals, in which the strings and wind instruments rehearsed together for the first time. Now everyone is looking forward to ending the day with the Hungarian evening. -Lara, clarinet

Day 3 – Inside the orchestra

After partying all night long, today, at 9, almost everyone was at section rehearsals. There were 2 rehearsals and a tutti. Between the two, the usual coffee break took place, which is super important in these times! The lunch was ice cream soup (yes, it looks special, but who knows?!) After lunch at the wood section's rehearsal Márkó (clarinet player) conducted us for the first time ever! After that we ate our dinners, and the German night is still ahead!

Day 2 – Taking roots

It was a short night... And a snoring noise was heard in our bedroom (I won't mention the name...) But this morning we were all looking forward to playing! Before the first sectional rehearsal, we had a little get-together and were given the traditional gift, and this year, as the heat is quite intense in Hungary, we were given a fan! After lunch, there were several options open to us: a tour of the town, a siesta (a large number of Trinidadians chose this option) or basketball under the sun for the bravest (or craziest, it's up to you). The rehearsals follow one another, in desks and for the first time this week, the Tutti.... What a beauty!

Day 1 – Road to Trina!

After an exhausting journey through Europe, I finally arrived in Pilisvörösvár, near Budapest. We were warmly welcomed by all the other Trinasians, who waited for us a good part of the night, and some of them played us beautiful brass pieces. Nothing better than to get in the Trina atmosphere! After that, a well-deserved rest is necessary to start this intense week in our best shape!