Season 2 Episode 2 Pilisvörösvár


Trina Orchestra Season II Episode 2, from the 23rd to the 30th July 2016. This year, the Trina Team meets in Hungary, near Pilisvörösvar. They haven’t been there since the summer of 2013, so you can imagine how impatient they are! For your eyes only: Here is, at long last, the recipe for Trina we managed to pinch from the organizers. But hush, keep it to yourselves!

You need:
– 80 musicians
– 10 kgs of scores
– one large cup of good spirits
– one generous dose of passion
– one tablespoon of inquisitiveness
– a pinch of humour
– a zest of originality
– a few drops of courage.

Proceed as follows: Pour two thirds of the musicians in some form of public transport. Do not forget to insert scores in luggage. Leave to travel for 10 hours. When arrived, add the remaining third of musicians. In a shaker, pour the good spirits, the inquisitiveness and the sense of humour. Shake delicately to obtain a smooth blend. Stir and leave to rest for the night. When the sauce has taken, lay the preparation on a stage and stir in gently the passion and the courage. Season to taste with the zest of originality. Follow their daily adventures on this site, on Facebook and on Twitter.